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If you think the Collaborative Family Law process may work for you, these are the steps to take:
  • Introduce the concept to your partner:
              You can either tell your partner about collaborative law or you can give your partner our NJCDA website address           www.njcda.org        and your spouse can explore in his or her own time the details of the collaborative law process.
  • Each partner chooses a collaborative family law lawyer
               Take the time to contact attorneys and find out if you have a rapport with the attorney and how the attorney approaches the collaborative divorce process.  You may speak to more than one attorney if you feel it necessary.  Each of the professional members of NJCDA are dedicated, trained and share the same desire to help resolve conflicts through collaboration, not litigation.
  • Each spouse meets with his or her own attorney.
               During that consultation you will retain your collaborative lawyer and discuss what your goals and priorities are with regard to the dissolution of the partnership.
  • The two collaborative family law attorneys will schedule a 4-way meeting where the two clients and two family law attorneys meet to begin listening to each client's goals and needs, and begin developing creative solutions to reach an acceptable agreement that meets the entire family's needs.